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Explore the wonderful sights, sounds, and culture of the safest and most hospitable destination in Africa.
With an extensive variety of flora and fauna, Uganda has over a thousand bird species - most of which are not found elsewhere on the planet, and is home to over half of the world's mountain gorillas!

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Banana Village is the ultimate fusion of culture with traditional African architecture - designed to blend completely with its environment, with rooms housed in a series of huts spread along its vast gardens under a canopy of equatorial trees.

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Here, you will experience an African night filled with a musical rhapsody by the night insects - which is hypnotic enough to lull you to sleep. On a rainy night the thunder and lightning create a light-and-sound show in the dark skies.

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Mornings are ushered with sounds of the loud Hadada Ibis birds fused with the gentle chirpings of small birds. Calls to prayer can be heard in the distance, the rooster crowing, dogs barking, and chattering of people as a new day begins.

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